Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Roger Hamilton - Consumer Beware

Consumers are advised to beware of Roger Hamilton of XL Results Foundation www.resultsfoundation.com who is selling a life membership program. Roger Hamilton a British national formerly of Singapore and based in Bali is facing refunds of more than $SGD 1 million from disgruntled members of the community.

A copy of the community based petition can be found on http://rogerhamiltonexposed.wordpress.com

In Singapore, members of the business community have lodged more than SGD $1 million in refund/transfer requests to the Chairman of XL Results Foundation Roger Hamilton and his associate Dave Rogers www.resultsfoundation.com

The lodgements were co-ordinated by civic campaigner Ms Ann Phua who represents the community. Disgruntled XL members have also lodged formal complaints with the authorities including the Consumer Protection Association of Singapore and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Included in the complaints were refund demands from five Britons based in Singapore as well as refunds lodged from New Zealand , Indonesia , Hong Kong , Malaysia , Thailand and the United Kingdom . Full details of the community petition lodged against the company were posted on the blog http://rogerhamiltonexposed.wordpress.com/ in the United Kingdom.

Further blogs in Singapore and comments posted on various internet sites have challenged Mr Hamilton and raised concern over unscrupulous business dealings.

At a recent public forum in Singapore, 90 XL members raised issues on a range of concerns including misrepresentation, dishonest business conduct and charity fraud. Mr Hamilton has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of life membership funds on legal fees against a former Australian employee and disgruntled XL members.

Mr Hamilton has until the 17th February 2007 to refund the SGD$1 million in requests. Further refund requests, community based action and intense media scrutiny of Roger Hamilton and the company is expected.

Latest press article:

Radio 93.8 Live, SingaporeEnglish News
Transcript02/12/06 Roger Hamilton, XL Results Foundation & XL Members

In Singapore, About 30 members of the business network club, XL Results Foundation, met uptoday to discuss plans on getting their money back. They had paid thousands to be life members but said they weren't getting thevalue for their money.

A meeting with the club's owner, British national Roger Hamilton has beenscheduled for Wednesday.Wu Shang Yuan with this report.


Close to 70 local and international members have voiced concerns about the Foundation, after paying between 3,200 and 5,400 US dollars for themembership.They want a total refund of close to half a million US dollars from RogerHamilton, a wealth consultant from the UK.The life members had wanted out, after realizing that training and mentoringworkshops, organized for them by the Foundation, weren't useful and theywereunable to get the business contacts they'd expected.

However, the members were told they had to find buyers of their memberships,ontheir own. One of the life members Adelaide Chong received a call just a few days agofromthe Foundation. I already informed Roger that I wanted to transfer my membership and leavebecause I think someone else can take advantage of it. So they say well, theoptions is the first one, you find your own. The second one is they haveagentsbut they'll charge some commission - I say I'm not going to pay anycommission.

Members like Ray Bigger also had doubts about the Foundation's promise ofdonating part of the money they received to charity.In the last two years, there's been no photographs, no press releases, noannouncements of any money made to charity. And I'm saying why?!

Mr Hamilton had said in previous reports that his Foundation is looking intothis matter and that it'll look into requests for transfer of memberships.

With a meeting scheduled with him on Wednesday, life members are hoping thatthe matter will be resolved by mid-December.